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Saturday, 3 September 2016


First things first. I will finish the SCHOOLLIFE posts, starting were I left of: June 2013

When you scroll down you’ll find the post from Tuesday 11 June 2013. It’s only half a post.

In retrospect it appears like there was a natural disaster and I just dropped everything and took off (which of course is normal in a crisis, in any kind of crisis…).

On June 11 I did write about Perceptual Studies 2D and posted my peculiar and strangely alien like drawings. Which, like all really strange / emotional / scary or typical works do (take the Oscars), got me a really high grade.

Exam-table with sketches, inspiration, books, portfolio and the all-seeing-eye….

No so spectacular exhibition space with big-ass drawings
(through the eyes of Pyke Kock I probably look something like this)

The other course I had to put out for was Product Design 2D and 3D:
a life-size cardboard cabinet, a storage option for your veggies, some pretty info-cards to take when shopping tomatoes, a million little models, a national contest and a course exam.

 Product Design 2D and 3D

There were two assignments and in a nutshell the criteria was:
Be like the students at Design Academy Eindhoven. Be a product designer. Walk the professional line.

Assignment: design a product in 2D and one in 3D that relates in any imaginable way to food. Form and function are key.

My primal inspiration came from one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen: 

This should be required watching for all peops (even kids and dogs).

I did my research on storage guidelines for keeping fruits & vegetables. Mould it to the aesthetics I believe are important. And made the drawings to explain it and finally build it with help and support from a welder and a carpenter.

This is the 3D design I made for this assignment: hello, fruit & vegetable food storage rack

Height 120cm, different kinds of wood with metal frame.

And this is the 2D design that I thought looked pretty cute: a food info-card that you can crab when you buy your tomatoes (now I see that it's not tree/eco friendly, it should be digital). I am sorry.

Linocut and graphicdesign (overlooked by my graphicdesigner manfriend) on cardboardpaper.


This years assignment from our national heritage store, HEMA, was:  ‘organize your life’
Please people of the Netherlands design a product that fits this concept so we can keep on claiming we truly are the peoples store!

So, on that note I decided to design foldable cabinet modules. The modules had to fit in a cycle bag. So when shopping at HEMA it should be so easy to buy a foldable module on a moment’s notice and not be buggerd when you cannot fit it anywhere on your bike.
And I wanted everything to be fully recycleble, from the cardboard to the glue.

The design string from sketch to product:

I presented the whole lot on a sunny morning. And so it happened, that after my presentation, my professor said ‘there is nothing more to add to that, dear miss N, I will reward you with a ten’.

Joy and happiness lasted for days…and then I had to lay down for a bit.

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