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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


‘Feelin’allright, I’m  not feelin’ to good myself’

Grand Funk Railroad

A cardboard cupboard, a storage option for your veggies, some cute cards to take while shopping tomatoes, a million little models, a contest and an exam. And this was just one course: Product Design 2d and 3d.

But first some drawing. 

 Perceptual Studies 2D

The assignment was to pick a theme, do research on material / techniques / attitude and try to find your own signature.


I started out with sketches in pencil, Pierre Noir, charcoal and Siberian crayon. Inspired by the artists Rosemin Hendriks, Anouk Griffioen, Paul Citroen and David Hockney.

For my presentation (exam) I choose a collection of works that show progress and the search for my own handwriting. After number four I hang my pencil and Pierre Noir in the willows (in perfect Dutch-English). I moved along with only charcoal and Siberian crayon, which was a stretch for me. But I made peace with the material, buckled up and went for a ride. 
This is where I went:

For a little release, a last but not least – easy piece.

And now the cleaning of the room begins…maybe I can make some new charcoal bars from all this black dust.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013



I love the sea.

I love everything that goes with it.

Shore, sand, water, seagulls, beach houses, dunes, grass, sky coloured by water and land, villages facing sea, people that live there with story-telling faces, lighthouses, sun paled wood, all the washed up colours and children, dogs and horses running along great Mr. Sea.

But I never ‘really’ go there, never a toe in the sea, never feeling the water. Even on vacation I am just watching the sea. I have watched varies seas and oceans. I always imagine they watch back, waiting for me to put my foot in the water, walk a little further and maybe swim a bit and then they…



A threeminuteshort about the impression you always have to travel to find some sea. You travel, you seek, you find. Are you happy?

Click on the big fish to watch the search.

Anyway, I love the sea.