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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


‘Feelin’allright, I’m  not feelin’ to good myself’

Grand Funk Railroad

A cardboard cupboard, a storage option for your veggies, some cute cards to take while shopping tomatoes, a million little models, a contest and an exam. And this was just one course: Product Design 2d and 3d.

But first some drawing. 

 Perceptual Studies 2D

The assignment was to pick a theme, do research on material / techniques / attitude and try to find your own signature.


I started out with sketches in pencil, Pierre Noir, charcoal and Siberian crayon. Inspired by the artists Rosemin Hendriks, Anouk Griffioen, Paul Citroen and David Hockney.

For my presentation (exam) I choose a collection of works that show progress and the search for my own handwriting. After number four I hang my pencil and Pierre Noir in the willows (in perfect Dutch-English). I moved along with only charcoal and Siberian crayon, which was a stretch for me. But I made peace with the material, buckled up and went for a ride. 
This is where I went:

For a little release, a last but not least – easy piece.

And now the cleaning of the room begins…maybe I can make some new charcoal bars from all this black dust.