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Sunday, 18 November 2012


Film project # 2
This project is a oneminute sketch we had to made as practice for a threeminuteshort  that will be our end film and will be graded in january.
So, I filmed and filmed and filmed when we took a trip to Barcelona. I used a photocamera (Fujifilm X10), so it wasn’t obvious for other people that I was filming. I think. Maybe some people were wondering why someone would be standing still for several minutes to take a picture.
The technique I used is like a lomography-style (photography), shooting from the hip, shooting while walking and just aiming in front of me.
From all the footage I created this first minute to start the story.

Going to the beach shows the start of a journey to the sea. How far will we come in just a minute...

naar zee | going to the beach

To watch, click on image. Thank you.

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